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Named in honor of U.S. Senator Charles Henderson, the city of Henderson sits in the Clark County of Nevada about 16 miles from the bright lights of Las Vegas. It has an estimated population of around the 307,928 mark and actually forms a part of the Las Vegas metropolitan area that spans the entire Las Vegas Valley. Gentle sloping black rock mountains of the McCullough Range fringe this city of the Mojave Desert where the only water is found in washes like Duck Creek. Classified as having a hot desert climate, the city experiences mild winters (think the occasional flurry of snow) to hot summers with the occasionally flash flooding caused by thunderstorms. Coworking venues have opened up in Henderson's streets to cater to those intrepid locals that have no desire to head into Las Vegas on a daily basis.

The city has a few eclectic sights to poke your nose around such as the Clark County Museum and some restored vintage homes. There is a Lion Habitat Ranch that is a sanctuary for big cats and the huge Lake Mead is littered with marinas. The vast rocky landscape has numerous valleys and trails to explore, plus the Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area has a petroglyph (ancient painted rock) site with more than 300 art panels to peek at.

Nevada has a buzzing startup and tech scene happening with plenty of chatter about some of its best startups such as "Flirtey" (founded in 2013) that is a drone delivery service, "Filament" (founded 2012), blockchain hardware and software solutions for the enterprise and industrial industries, plus "SmartCare" (founded 2013) that is a leader in child care management software. Coworking venues are providing the breeding ground for these intrepid founders or remote workers who wish to have their own space and their own community to mingle with.