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Kitakyushu is a city on Japan's Kyushu Island in the Fukuoka Prefecture where there is about 1 million people in the region. This is no tech hub and not really a tourist destination, but it is worth getting the bullet train to for its spring cherry blossoms and redbrick buildings from the 1900s. Kitakyushu does have a few places to meander around such as the Kawachi Fuji Garden that is only open twice a year. The flowers will leave you gob smacked, as they are so stunning, it's like being in a fairy garden. The annual festival "Kokura Gion" is not to be missed and has been happening for the last 400 years if you are into a bit of culture. The Kokura Castle is the place to see hanging paper lanterns and to poke your nose into the museum. The countryside park of Hiraodai is where you can take a break from the city vibe or your coworking venue and get into nature exploring limestone caves.

Japan is changing its view on entrepreneurship and its tech savvy youth are not afraid of the stigma of failure any more, thanks to the media hype surrounding startups. The success of e-commerce and Internet gurus such as Mixi and Mercari, has created a new breed of entrepreneurs. Many successful founders are now investing in new companies and young people are becoming more attracted to what the startup world can offer, such as freedom in the way they work.

Coworking venues have now become the de rigueur hangout for the creative souls to mingle, collaborate and get some work done in between the odd slurping on noodles to feed their brains.