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About Kemerovo

The first colonists did not arrive in Kemerovo until 1922 when about 750 people of 23 nationalities set up camp here. This is an industrial city and a major coal-mining region of the Kuznetsk Basin. Sitting where the Iskitim and the Tom Rivers meet, English was the first language to be spoken here, followed by Russian. The aim of the city was to improve labor organization and to develop a technical level of production above all else. At first the town was a mine (later 6 more mines appeared), a cable car to get across the Tom River, a power plant and a railway station. Later a coke-chemical plant was opened and 2 telephone stations were established. This international colony did not win any favors from the Soviet government and eventually all the dreaming interlopers were told to go home.

You can grab a tram, bus or trolleybus to get around the town that now has a dairy plant, a meat processing plant and is home to some very large Russian companies such as "Siberian Business Union" and "Siberian Cement. This is not a tourist town at all, so it will probably never come up on your radar of places to be in the world. The locals are a mixture of Russians, Tatars, Shors, Teleuts and Altai people.

You will find the standard Russian city requirements such as a Puppet Theater, a Drama Theater, a Musical Theater and a circus. There are 5 museums for the curious ones: Kemerovo Regional Museum of Local history, Geological Museum KuzGTU, Museum "Archaeology, Ethnography and Ecology of Siberia", State University, Museum-Reserve "Krasnaya Gorka" (Red Hill) and Kemerovo Regional Museum of Fine Arts. There are plenty of cafes, bars, clubs and restaurants, as well as 6 theaters to occupy your time, as there is not much else to do.

You can always run away to the wilds of the surrounding forest when the boredom gets too much if its winter and take to the ski fields, or stay in town and watch a game of hockey. If you are really desperate, take a tour of the coal strip mine outside of town at Kemerovo that drove Russia's industrial revolution under Stalin's 5 year-plan. Whatever you do, make sure that you down some vodka, as the best in Russia is made in the nearby town of Mariinsk.

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