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Known less for its scenery and more for its throng of big-box chain stores, Fresno is a less-traveled city that relies mainly on agriculture. Although its economy has been in decline due to drought and decreasing food prices, the city is seeing a new revitalization. A local farm movement has emerged, aiming to improve food production through organic, sustainable practices and fair wages. As a result, some of the freshest meat and produce can be found here.

The Tower District is the city's most vibrant, with restaurants, live theater, and nightclubs - plus a number of local businesses. The Old Fig Garden area is among the city's most affluent, due to its set of Beautification Standards that have been implemented. And Woodward Park is the perfect picnic destination and a picturesque escape from the city. But avoid the West Side of the city, which has experienced years of neglect by developers and a rising crime rate.

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