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Puzl CoCafe is beautiful, functional and unique place for work and hangout, not speaking about the breath... Show More
Emil Shekerdzhiiski
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Mystery Coworker
The coworking cafe is the place where you can find something beautifully different. It's the not only the... Show More
Илиан Тинков
I ain't going to hide it - I actually am part of the team of Puzl! :) We are super happy to have launche... Show More
Thib Tait

Sofia is that effortlessly chic friend who doesn't even have to try; she radiates cool. The city is flooded with cultural European favourites like churches and operas, but the street level ambiance keeps Sofia grounded. Just developed enough to keep life comfortable and convenient, Sofia exudes the feeling of being undiscovered.

Capital cities tend to be pricey, but the Eastern European location keeps entertainment costs low with affordable coffee, restaurants, bars and cultural activities. The widespread public transport system opens up the entire city and the ultra-fast internet speeds keep nomads visiting every area. It's a common occurrence to meet nicer people outside the larger cities, but not in Bulgaria. Despite Sofia's large size, people are as friendly and hospitable as ever.

Despite the variety of entertainment and numerous hip neighbourhoods, Sofia isn't inundated with tourists like the rest of Europe. This capital is to local tastes and keeps such a big city from feeling like a claustrophobic race. This chill vibe is underscored in the bar scene which boasts an enjoyable drinking culture. Sofia goes late into the night without anyone getting too f*cked up to work the next day- perfect for social nomads dragging their butts to a coworking space!

Protip: check out Sofia's famous hot spring baths...showering just became so much more fun!

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