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About Huelva

Coworking in a city that has a history dating back to the Phoenicians really puts the brain into overdrive. Huelva is believed to have been the site of Tartessus, named "Onoba" by the Phoenicians. This is where they issued silver coins with Iberian legends during Roman times. It was incorporated into the Roman province of Hispania Beatica and then the Arabs called it "Walbah" and walked over the town between the years of 714 to 1250. Long after came the spy era during World War II where it was an espionage hub by members of the British and German communities. The macabre story of a body washing onshore carrying false information during this time is known by the quirky name of "Operation Mincemeat".

How could anyone not want to walk this town, take up space in a coworking venue and hang out with the locals swapping a few stories? It is a port city at the mouth of the Odiel and Tinto Rivers in the southwestern part of Spain with a statue of Christopher Columbus dominating the Plaza de las Monjas. A whitewashed town oozing intrigue and charm, it is home to the oldest football club in Spain. It's believed to have been inhabited since 3000BC, so it will definitely give the history buffs wet pants as they meander its streets.

Transportation is not one of the town's strong suits, but there is a provincial bus company and a ferry that will take you on a weekly basis to Arrecife and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. If you want to catch a plane, then you will have to get to Faro or Seville airports.

When you are over tapping away on your laptop getting your stuff done and sharing a laugh with the local community of coworking souls, you can always go on a hunt for some coins of your own.