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About Chekka

A coastal town in the south of North Lebanon and south of the ancient Phoenician port of Enfeh and Tripoli, Chekka has a wealth of freshwater submarine springs. Known for its stunning mountain that reaches into the Mediterranean Sea where private plus public sandy beaches lie, Chekka is home to large cement and paper factories plus where salt is extracted from the sea. An agricultural enclave with figs being its prime product, it is also headquarters for the 2nd largest poultry producer. This is a tourist area and the center for education for the surrounding area. About 17,000 people reside in Chekka and amongst these souls are numerous tech savvy individuals and students busy taking up space in coworking venues in the city.

Despite the fact that Lebanon is often in the news for its political instability, it is actually a tech-savvy hub for entrepreneurial startups created by its optimistic citizens. Innovation is becoming a significant feature of Lebanese culture with plenty of workshops, talks and competitions taking place on a regular basis such as the conference event, Arabnet designed to foster and support the growing ecosystem. Lebanon is home to some of the best universities in the Arab world and the American University of Beirut has a research centre dedicated to the study of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Coworking spaces are playing a significant role in the lives of budding entrepreneurs with workshops, talks and competitions taking place on a regular basis.