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About Chatham

Chatham is a little town in Columbia County of New York with a population of about 4,128 souls wandering its' streets. This is no tech hub per se, but it is within the boundaries of the behemoth of New York where millions of entrepreneurs have dramas trying to carve out their niche. Coworking venues have become a necessary part of the New York tech scene offering state-of-the-art facilities and amenities plus the opportunity to network, as well as getting your stuff done in comfy surrounds. Most startups in New York City and its' surrounds are focusing on the industries that the city knows best, such as finance real estate, fashion and enterprise.

According to recent figures there are over 7,500 tech companies based in New York creating a vast ecosystem of incubators, accelerators and coworking venues. It's literally a jungle in the streets with tech companies all vying for their own unique space in the world or partnering up with big businesses creating a symbiotic relationship that is ever expanding and maturing.

For those who don't wish to tackle the big smoke, small towns such as Chatham can become their bolt-hole where the only pushing and shoving will happen on a laptop in cyberspace, whilst founders enjoy the comfort of a local coworking space without any of the big city dramas.