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About Kaohsiung

According to "one" outspoken individual, Kaohsiung is a cozy tropical city for digital nomads to hang out in and a great place to put up your "tent" for a few months during winter where you will find: no throbbing crowds to annoy you (despite its 2.7 million souls), clean air to breathe (maybe), a healthy lifestyle where nightclubbing is not the main agenda and heaps of fresh healthy food on offer. It's affordable and safe, especially for the female species. But, you will find mega bugs, bats, rats and mosquitoes that carry dengue fever.

Originally a fishing village from the 17th Century, Kaohsiung, known for its harbor (commercial - the largest in Taiwan) sits in the south of Taiwan and is the world's 6th largest cargo-container seaport. It was a planned city, so there is less traffic congestion and wider streets than say Taipei. Primarily an industrial city, the town is attempting to transform itself into a modern metropolis with many beautification projects happening, especially around the banks of the Love River.

The city overflows with farmers' markets where the cacophony of the locals yelling out prices is in symphony with the drone of the multitude of scooters buzzing around. There are plenty of night markets to grab some local "curb de cuisine" delights (watch out for the escaping cockroaches) or to poke around treasure hunting. If you want to get into a bit of nature, there are mountains around for trekking, such as the Kenting National Park, where you can go river kayaking and rock climbing. If you want something tamer, you can practice your Taichi, walk a dog or fly a kite at a local park. You should check out the ChiJin District at the harbor and make sure you indulge in some fresh seafood at one of the seafront local eateries. This area is where the majority of the local fishermen live. You can explore the TianHou Temple dating from 1918 and the Chihou Fort that was once a military base. At Shoushan (aka Monkey Mountain) you can play with the cheeky monkeys looking for food and the public artwork in the Formosa Boulevard MRT Station - The Dome of Light - has to be seen, to be believed. If you want to chase down a bit more on the arty side, then head to Pier 2 Art District where old railway tracks have been transformed into an open art space.

Remember to dodge the scooters parked on the sidewalks, locals spitting blood red beetle nut juice and never believe that the traffic will stop when faced with a red light.

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