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About Niksic

The second largest city of Montenegro, Niksic sits at the foot of Trebjesa Hill with a population of 56,970 residents meandering its streets, running to the University of Montenegro or one of its other educational institutions or hanging out in a coworking venue getting creative. It's a major enclave for industry and education as well as being the cultural heart of the area. The town has been inhabited for eons but little remains of the Ottoman era and today the city still displays its 1883 urban plan that was commissioned by King Nicholas. Niksic has a bohemian art scene happening with prominent people such as the poet Vitomir Nikolic and movie director Ziyko Nikolic calling the city home. There are plenty of annual festivals to attend such as the Lake Fest rock festival and the incredible Bedem Fest rock festival that is held at Bedem Castle for the music lovers to get excited about.

Montenegro is a part of the "Western Balkans" along with Albania, Bosnia, Macedonia, Serbia and Herzegovina plus Kosovo that are lagging behind their Western peers, but it's being seen as the next frontier, as far as the startup scene is concerned. It's hoped that digital entrepreneurship will accelerate the economic growth of these countries. Already there are networks springing up and innovation ecosystems happening in a game of catch-up. Montenegro has had the doors open on its Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center in 2016 as a part of its Scientific and Technology Park that is a project of its government. Currently, it's supporting its first generation of startups, and new role models are emerging for its young tech savvy youth.

Coworking venues appearing are one more step in the groundwork that is paving the way for Montenegro to become a part of the global tech scene.