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A coastal town in Ostfold country, Moss has a population of about 30,723 inhabitants. The town is revered for its local dish of "Pølse i Vaffel", or for the layperson it is a Vienna sausage in a waffle with ketchup and mustard. Treasures from the past have been unearthed suggesting that settlements in the area were happening more than 7,000 years ago (think the Iron and the Viking Ages) through to modern times. This was the site of a cooperative for battleships held by local warlords on behalf of the king and today it's where coworking venues have opened up for the entrepreneurs who are chasing their own domains.

Moss is known for paper mills, metalworks and other factories, as well as a place for alternative non-military civil service. It's also where the maker of international hotel keycards, Trio Ving, is based and home to one of the top 3 busiest container ports in Norway. The country is known as one of the richest nations in the world with large oil deposits in the North Sea being the prime reason for this abundance of wealth. When oil prices plummeted, entrepreneurism came to the fore and Norway is now considered as one of the best places to launch a new business. Dynamic and visionary, the focus is on diversification with smart and creative individuals creating companies solving real-world problems. Numerous incubators and accelerators have emerged giving the fast paced ecosystem a sense of cohesion and community.

Government programs have facilitated the entrepreneurship bubble within the tech sector and the mindset of the Norwegian startup ecosystem has adapted to this fast pace with coworking venues becoming the de rigueur place to hangout and collaborate.

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