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About Polva

With a recorded history dating back to 1452, Polva's name is an Estonian word for "knee". A legend of the town tells the story about a girl that was incarcerated in a kneeling position in St Mary's Church to keep the devil away. Polva sits in southeastern Estonia and is the capital city of the county and parish of the same name. An old military crossroad between the north and south of Livonia, it was Bernardine monks who built a church dedicated to the Virgin Mary. It was ceded to Sweden then passed onto Russia and only when it gained political independence in 1918 did the city gain importance, growing up around the church and a stunning lake.
Its population is quite small being only 9,407, so you will have plenty of opportunity to mingle with the locals indulging in a fruit wine or some "Mulgipuder" (potato and groats porridge) before heading off to get creative in a coworking venue.

Polva is a bit of an educational hub as is indicated on the town's coat of arms that show a rooster with a pointer from an ABC book. There are 8 educational institutions in the town spewing out tech savvy youth who are positive and passionate about their sports. Polva is no startup hub, but Estonia does have about 550 startups rumbling around within its borders that show a 27% growth compared to the first half of 2017. It has been estimated that about 30% of startup jobs are actually created in offices abroad with much of the recruitment happening via Transferwise, Taxify and Monese to name a few.

Estonian startups are increasingly contributing to the country's economy and it has been estimated that startup companies are creating 5 times more jobs than new businesses of a traditional nature. Coworking in Polva is providing the perfect space for its local entrepreneurs to get busy doing their stuff amidst the company of likeminded souls.