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25 CHF /d
Kleinhafen, Basel



In Kleinbasel, Südquaistrasse 14, we have coworking desks for all free spirits, pioneers and those who want to be part o... More

300 CHF /m
unternehmen mitte, Basel

unternehmen mitte


One of the unternehmen mitte establishments is its coworking space located in the heart of Basel where there’s a workin... More

40 CHF /d
Coburo, Geneva



Take advantage of the currently trending and efficient ways of coworking by paying Coburo a visit. Located next to the Un... More

Work Central Bern, Bern

Work Central Bern


More often than none, a positive environment is a great influence towards your work productivity. Now, if you feel that b... More

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While I'm not a local, this is my favorite space to work from when I am in the Bodensee area. Its like a... Show More
Jenny Schäpper
I amso happy that this place exists! The atmosphere is friendly and welcoming and the host will quickly m... Show More
Daniela Hälg
Once in Wil, you will meet Jenny, the energy bundle who started the co-working space. She manages to make... Show More
Marie Eckert
Open culture and community to share. Colorful and practical facilities. Very energized and lovable host. ... Show More
Remo Rusca

Home to one of the most prestigious business schools in Europe, the HSG Hoschscule St Gallen, Switzerland is paving the way for innovation and business administration for new companies to succeed. The country's first unicorn, MindMaze, was a blend of knowledge and creativity. The company sold a third of its shares for over a billion dollars to the London-based Indian conglomerate Hinduia Group.

Sitting in the center of Europe, the country is known for its divine chocolates, mouth-watering cheeses and the "tic tock" of its master crafted watches and clocks. Draped in mountains with stunning landscapes of lakes and villages set amidst the high peaks of the Alps, the country has a long history that can be seen in its medieval city quarters. This is where ski resorts reign and hiking trails beckon the outdoor enthusiast. Banking and finance are its main economy source, whilst tourists are drawn to its doors for its stunning beauty. A federal directional republic with Bern as its "federal city", it is bordered by France, Italy, Germany, Austria, and Liechtenstein. The country has 2 global economic centers, Geneva and Zurich.

One of the most developed countries in the world, of its population of 8,179,294, 89.3% are connected to the Internet, with 45.2% playing on Facebook. Switzerland has some of the best infrastructure and the highest disposable income and living standards in the world. It is one of the most innovative countries where more than 300 high-tech spin-offs have occurred. The country literally buzzes with entrepreneurs and creative new business ideas, where networking is a breeze and startup funding is increasing as investors are looking for the opportunity to be a part of the next big thing.

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