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About Pathum Thani

Not a city but a central province in Thailand sitting north of Bangkok, it's actually a part of the Bangkok metropolitan area. You won't see a "boundary" per se as the area is totally urbanised sitting on the flats of the Chao Phraya River that flows through Bangkok. Predominantly populated by the Mon people, the region is awash in temples - think 186 - plus quite a few lush parks, a large number of swirling canals and rice paddies. It is also home to the Dream World amusement park, if you like to pretend you are a kid once again. Its name translates to "the lotus flower town" and was founded in 1650 when the Mong migrated from Mottama in Myanmar. This is where you can gorge yourself silly for a pittance on aromatic Thai cuisine sitting on kid's plastic furniture at your favourite "curb de cuisine" (aka street food) when you have finished doing your stuff in your favourite coworking venue.

In this area you will find a huge number of higher education institutions, many of which are focused on science and technology. There is also a large number of industrial parks and research facilities making the region the education and tech hub. Bangkok is the throbbing heart of innovation in Thailand and due to its number of students in the area, it is awash in tech savvy locals plus hordes of tech lingerers looking for somewhere to work from.

The Thais are renowned for working almost exclusively from laptops and other portable devices, so the coworking concept is the perfect fit. Coworking spaces also give the support to entrepreneurial individuals who wish to collaborate and mingle with likeminded souls.