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Kabul is home to 2 "KFC" operations, where the abbreviation is considered to stand for "Kabul Fried Chicken". The capital and the largest city of Afghanistan, Kabul has a hoi polloi of nationalities in its midst. With a history spanning 3,500 years and sitting on the trade routes of Central and Southern Asia, it has had numerous rulers from Achaemenids to Ghurids, controlled by the Mughal Empire and eventually becoming part of the Durrani Empire. The civil war during the years of 1992 and 1996 saw an exodus of refugees, thousands of civilian's deaths and serious damage to the city's infrastructure. The Taliban fell from power in 2001 and the Afghan Government with international aid have been attempting to rebuild the city, despite major setbacks from the Taliban insurgents.

Kabul's name is synonymous with atrocities, terrorism and Talibans. But, it is more than a war zone. Crooked narrow streets overflow with a riot of colorful bazaars whilst Flower and Chicken Streets (just love the quirky street names) in the Wazir Akbar Khan district have a plethora of shopping venues to investigate. There are impressive statues such as "Surya" and the ruins of the Darul Aman Palace to meander around. Numerous mosques litter the town and the OMAR Mine Museum or the Kabul Museum are for the curious minds. It is possible to scrabble over the ancient remnants of the walls of the citadel, Bala Hissar. You can chill out in the Paghman Gardens or the Babur Gardens, and for the adventurous soul you can have a go at the local national game of "goat-grabbing".

If you want to get out of town then head to the "Red City" of Shahr-i-Zohak that is awash in ancient citadels perched on a cliff overlooking the Kalu and Bamiyan Rivers, hike through the Valley of Paghman for amazing sights, or explore the wild and remote region of Hindu Kush. Not for the feint hearted is to witness the fighting partridges at the Ka Faroshi bird market held every Friday mornings.

Remember this is a Muslim country; so don't bring any skimpy clothing to this part of the world.

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