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Sitting in the county of Texas, Carroliton is the 23rd most populous city in the county with 119,097 souls going about their daily lives, popping into cafes for a coffee or venturing into coworking venues to get some work done. Settled in 1842 by a group of English, it was historically home to large landowners such as the Furneaux, Jackson, Morgan, and Rowe families. Predominantly an agricultural enclave, it began to grow in industrial significance after the building of the Dallas-Wichita Railroad. In the late 1880s the town had flourmills, cotton gins, a couple of churches for the pious and a population of about 150. It eventually became a shipping center for cottonseed, grain and livestock to the point that it became known as a "grain and gravel" town due to its added industry of a brick plant. Basically a suburban sprawl of Dallas, Carroliton has been named as one of the top 100 places to live.

As with the rest of Texas, Carroliton is getting into new technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain technology and machine learning. Business software companies are reaping the benefit of capital funding and its early-stage ecosystem is continuing to develop with accelerators such as Sputnix ATX.

Collaboration is happening between Texas and Austin cities resulting in positive successes in the "middle" markets with e-commerce on the rise. Coworking venues have become the place for the tech savvy gurus to hang out in collaborative bliss.