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About Leioa

Located in the Basque region of Spain, Leioa was once a tiny village with about 8,000 people living in it. Development caught up with it in the 1960s and the town grew and expanded with now about 30,400 souls calling it home. Dating back to before the 15th Century, Leioa appears to have a festival happening every month of the year from the "Fiestas de Udondo" to the "San Isidro" festivals. Coworking has popped up in this town to cater to the needs of the inventive and creative locals who are over working from local cafes where the whiff of perfect wine and ham makes them lose concentration.

Leioa is similar to many of the towns in Spain in that now that the economy has stabilized and its startup ecosystem has developed, the local creative techies are no longer running away from home to work abroad. Instead they are intent on becoming involved in their own local scenes of creativity. The recession years of Spain has created a new breed of entrepreneur that is not freaked out about fear of failure or red tape.

Coworking premises in the town are giving its innovative individuals the means to network with likeminded souls, swapping experiences and sharing skills. When you are over doing your stuff or your brain is about to implode you can always take a little trek around the city's traditional Basque houses to get the blood flowing again.