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About Albacete

The capital of the province of the same name, Albacete is located on the southeast of the Iberian Peninsula within the historical region of La Mancha with a population of around 172,816 inhabitants. The area around the city is known as Los Lianos and the total region is one of the 20 largest urban areas in Spain. The economic and judicial capital, this is where you will find the regional High Court of Justice. Albacete has been referred to as "The New York of La Mancha". During the Spanish Civil War it was the headquarters of the International Brigades. Albacete is a modern city with plenty of green zones and pedestrian only areas to waltz around. Known for being a safe city with a good quality of life, it is also one of the most accessible cities in the country. Coworking venues have opened up in this somewhat provincial city that has a host of tapas bars where you can linger sipping wine and gorging on free nibbles.

Albacete is the logistical and communications hub for Southeast Spain, as it sits halfway between Madrid and the Mediterranean coast. The town chatter is not all about flying planes (its home to the School of TLP NATO pilots), which multinational has the largest industrial zone or what the next festival is. Spain boasts of having an education rate of 40.1% and it is home to a number of impressive educational institutions with 3 of its universities in the top 10 of the Financial Times' annual European Business School Rankings for 2017. There are plenty of opportunities for tech savvy entrepreneurs, as Spanish startups grew 7% in 2017 with signs pointing to a consolidation within the startup community.

Its locals are no longer running abroad to pursue their dreams and coworking venues have given them the place to mingle and collaborate with likeminded souls.