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About Bussum

A commuter town in the Het Gooi region of the province of North Holland, Bussum has been a part of the new municipality of Gooise Meren since 2016. Once a mere hamlet sheltered in the heathlands, it was first mentioned in 1306. At this time it was the smallest village in Het Gooi awash in small farms, sheep and forests with about 250 souls meandering its dirt streets. The railway arrived in 1874 and Bussum began to flourish. Today it's a satellite town of Amsterdam and Hilversum for its 33,100 residents, and for those who don't wish to grab a train every morning, coworking venues have opened up in its streets.

The Netherlands has its' promising startup hub happening in Amsterdam, as it was named the best European Tech City to work in by a recent tech study. There are actually 578 international ICT companies with offices in Amsterdam and many of them are always on the lookout for talented people. Markets vary from cryptocurrency to online food ordering services. Another benefit is the fact that nearly everyone speaks English, so there is definitely no language barrier to get over and blending in is easy. Amsterdam is becoming a hotbed for scaleups and startups with many forward thinking and tech driven individuals creating dreams that are becoming reality.

The Netherlands offers support and resources for those wishing to work independently or to get a fledgling startup soaring. Coworking venues are one more step in the ecosystem that is creating space for out-of-the-box thinkers to get together in collaborative bliss in a city offering a low-cost of living and plenty of culture.