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A one hour flight from the beach parties of Rio de Janiero is Belo Horizonte, the most tightly-knit entrepreneurs’ hub in Brazil. Known as the “garden city” because of its sprawling green parks à la the tree-lined Praca de Libertade square, Belo Horizonte offers its industry-minded residents plenty of beautiful city getaways in the mountains that surround it. For nomads looking to completely immerse themselves in Brazilian culture, the remarkably small-town feel of this city of 5 million of Brazil’s friendliest people is absolutely perfect. To truly assimilate to the “BH” lifestyle and Mineiro people, however, comes with a willingness to ditch English almost completely and adopt Portuguese for all day-to-day interactions – and not just any Portuguese, but the region’s own Mineirês dialect. Keep in mind that limited number of foreign residents also means a lack of convenient expat services.
Amidst the startup flurry of Rio and São Paulo in the last decade or so, Belo Horizonte emerged as one of the most thriving startup ecosystems in Latin America. It now boasts an incredibly well-educated workforce of entrepreneurs, four of the top ten Brazilian universities, and a Google center. In a joke gone viral, the city’s original entrepreneurs ended up dubbing the community the “San Pedro Valley.” The SPV is now at over 200 startups linked by networking events, coworking spaces, accelerators, all consolidated online in the community-bridging “San Pedro Valley map.”
But the business focus and hustle work ethic don’t equate to a lack of events and social opportunities. For culture lovers, the Instituto Inhotim contemporary art museum is as seductive as it gets – a huge, otherworldly outdoor complex 1.5 hours from the city. There’s also the renovated Mineirão football stadium that hosted the 2014 World Cup and the neighboring Pampulha Complex situated on a serene blue lake. Rumor has it that BH has the highest concentration per capita of bars in the world, so your nightlife options are plentiful. (“There are no seas, thus there are bars,” the locals say.) There are also many free shows and events throughout the year, most notably the Praia da Estação – a giant “beach party” in one of the city’s main squares – and the Comida di Buteco – a city-wide competition of soul-soothing gastronomical miracles. The cost of living in BH is also cheap relative to Rio and São Paulo (accommodation can be half the price!), so you’ll be able to enjoy a fair number of paid outings and activities on a $2000 budget.
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A coworking space in Belo Horizonte is a perfect option for entrepreneurs looking to start a company or those with their own who need more optimal spaces they can use as part of the business. Why cowork in Belo Horizonte? What can a shared office space in Belo Horizonte offer you and your business? Many startups or established companies choose to cowork in Belo Horizonte because they get access to modern spaces and can adapt as their needs change. When you cowork in Belo Horizonte, employees have at their disposal flexible drop-in coworking options, daily hot-desking, meeting rooms and conference facilities they can book as needed. This makes a shared office space in Belo Horizonte an ideal option for both travellers visiting Brazil and locals. So, if you or your team are interested in working from a flexible workspace, use Coworker to find the best place to cowork in Belo Horizonte.

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One of the best things about coworking in Belo Horizonte is that it comes with all the amenities you would expect from a modern office. The coworking space in Belo Horizonte includes access to meeting rooms, fast Wi-Fi connections and convenient printing facilities for example. But many shared office spaces in Belo Horizonte go even further: you can get coffee or food options, networking opportunities and spaces to collaborate, relax or meet fellow coworkers. As Belo Horizonte has grown and become a hub of business in Brazil, so have the options for coworking in Belo Horizonte. Coworker offers the best way to find and compare shared office spaces in Belo Horizonte, and our price guarantee ensures you get the best rate for a coworking space in Belo Horizonte.

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Coworking in Belo Horizonte has never been simpler. Coworker is the easiest way to find a shared office space in Belo Horizonte that fits your work style and budget. Whether you need a single desk for a week or an adaptable office for your entire team, you can find coworking space in Belo Horizonte that boasts a collaborative atmosphere, shared offices that encourage networking or a desk that has everything you need to focus. Coworker is the go-to source for spots to cowork in Belo Horizonte.

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Coworker is a tried and true source for booking office spaces around the world, and that includes shared office space in Belo Horizonte. Fortune 500 companies use Coworker as well as global entrepreneurs. Book your perfect cowork space in Belo Horizonte through our site and see why so many startups use Coworker to gain access to the top flexible workspaces in every city.. Get productive with your business by finding coworking in Belo Horizonte.

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