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16000 RSD /m
Startit Centar, Belgrade

Startit Centar


Startit Center is a space for teams and individuals who need a place to create the next big thing. It is also home to ed... More

1000 RSD /d
Mokrin House, Kikinda

Mokrin House


Mokrin House is a coworking and coliving space located in the north of Serbia. It is a modern and urban spot in a rural s... More

800 RSD /d
Tipsy Pixel, Belgrade

Tipsy Pixel


Your home away from home - think without the noisy gossiping neighbors - Tipsy Pixel is cloaked in an artist's pallete of... More

Nova Iskra, Belgrade

Nova Iskra


Coworking is one of the core activities of Nova Iskra. Our workspace is located in downtown Belgrade and was designed by ... More

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Tipsy Pixel crew welcomed us with an environment that is both very friendly and laid back, while also hig... Show More
Zarko Stamenic
Everything in the estate is just like the pictures: beautiful! The location is a bit hard to get too, but... Show More
Sara Vilas Santiago
The Startit Centar ticks all the boxes, a hotbed of ideas and creativity with great WiFi, 24hr access, ho... Show More
Sean Alger
This place has been closed since december 2016. :(
Mystery Coworker

Sitting on Europe's Balkan Peninsula, Serbia is a sovereign state covering most of the southern area of the Pannonian Plain and the heart of the Balkans. It is a landlocked country bordering Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Macedonia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro and a contentious territory of Kosovo, that borders Albania. Known for its ski resorts and plethora of rugged mountains, the country has been under the thumb of Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Empires throughout its history. The old city of Stari Grad is awash in 19th Century mansions, whilst the capital of Belgrade is dressed in Communist-era architecture, where you will find the Belgrade Fortress.

Serbia is considered to be an upper-middle economy dominated by the service sector and a military neutral state. Of its population of 7,143,921, 66.6% are connected to the Internet, with 47.6% of those souls jumping onto Facebook. Digital startups are definitely being nurtured in the Balkans with small and midsize businesses (120 startups in the last few years) receiving funding, albeit on a smaller scale than that of say Berlin or London. But, the Balkans is a cheaper place to finance startups. The local entrepreneurs have had to overcome the instilled culture and long tradition of working for someone else rather than themselves. Once upon a time Serbian startups had to look abroad for funding, but now with the likes of StartLabs, there is the chance of funding plus networking opportunities that was lacking. The fact that Balkan startups are faced with regional and fragmented small markets is being seen as a bonus because the locals have to develop ideas with broader appeal.

It is here that it has been said entrepreneurs were "superheroes with suicidal tendencies"; but this is fast changing.

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