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About Blacksburg

Sitting in the Montgomery County of Virginia, Blacksburg was initially "developed" in 1797 when William Black divided up his deceased father's 600 acres into a small grid of streets and 16 blocks of land. Draper Road, Jackson Street, Wharton Street and Clay Street bound the original town. Today the city's logo is of 16 small squares creating one large square that represents this initial subdivision of the land. A relatively small city with a population of around the 42,620 mark, Blacksburg is dominated both economically and demographically by being home to Virginia Tech (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University). In 2011 it was named the best college town in the south. With all of these tech savvy students running amok in its' streets, it's little wonder that coworking venues have opened up.

The Virginia Tech Corporate Research Centre is where you will find numerous companies such as Honeywell, the National Weather Service and the MOOG (major supplier for the Defence Department and the heath care industry). Due to Blacksburg being close to Virginia Tech plus Radford University, it's ideal for developing its high-tech industry and the government continues to recruit major industry to the area.

Virginia is home to numerous successful startups that were not born yesterday, such as Ligado Networks (2010) involved in Industrial Internet of Things, Airon (2011) involved in deploying space-based air traffic surveillance systems and Endgame (2008) that is an endpoint security platform to name a few standouts on the scene. Coworking venues form another link in the chain of Virginia's startup ecosystem where creative souls are hanging out and getting busy with their own dreams.