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The capital city and main hub of Bali, Denpasar sits in the southern part of the island where you can hang out gazing at the blood red sunsets on Sanur Beach. If you are more a museum than a beach buff, there is the Bali Museum to check out and you can say a little prayer for your startup at the Pur Blanjong Temple. Sometimes daunting and definitely on the chaotic side, Denpasar has tree-lined streets in the affluent business and government district of Renon that is a bit more on the sedate side. This is home to 897,300 souls with the surrounding metropolitan area having approximately 2 million inhabitants. Formerly named "Badung", in the 18th and 19th Centuries Despassar was the capital of the Hindu Majapahit Kingdom. During the Dutch intervention of 1906 thousands of Balinese plus the King and his court committed mass suicide rather than surrender to the invading Dutch troops. Denpasar today is the seat of government, the center of commerce, industry, education and tourism, as well as now being home to coworking spaces for its innovative souls who have no desire to leave their own home turf.

Indonesia has a flourishing digital economy happening that is being touted to become the world's 4th largest economy by 2050, if it continues at the same rate. It has a growing tech-savvy middle class that is young and in touch with the latest trends, think along the lines of 88 million people online with 79 million of them playing on social media. Its tech startup scene is just learning how to "walk" and there have already been some startups that have become major successes, despite the fact that they have had to overcome infrastructure challenges and the lack of a real ecosystem. The inventive individuals of Indonesia aren't just hitting the safe niche markets, but are going for a range of different sectors.

The startup scene in Indonesia is getting the backing of the international bank, Goldman Sachs, who believe that the next hotbed for tech companies will be in Indonesia due to its' large population and untapped market potential. No wonder coworking spaces are spreading like wildfire to keep up with the demand of creative spaces.