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Quebec, 686 Grande Allée Est

CA$45 / pp / day

Quebec, 2828 Boulevard Laurier

CA$215 / pp / month

Quebec, 1020 Bouvier Street

CA$235 / pp / month

Quebec, 830 Rue Saint-Joseph Est

CA$25 / pp / day

Quebec, 625 Rue des Rocaille

CA$195 / pp / month

Quebec, 469, Rue Seigneuriale Beauport, Ville de Québec

CA$25 / pp / day

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About Quebec

This is where you will find the most photographed hotel in the world, The Chateau Frontenac, so don't be the individual that doesn't take a snap of it and ruin the record.  Quebec, the capital of the province of Quebec - yes a tad confusing - is the second most populous city in Quebec, with Montreal taking first position.  The city that everyone loves once they have visited, it is reminiscent of an old European city in its charm and character.  It literally drips with historical moments of over 400 years caught in a timeless world that you can meander.  A walled city, actually 4.6km of walls, awash in narrow winding cobbled streets, Jacques Cartier the French explorer arrived here in 1535.  In 1608 a permanent wooden fort and fur trading post were established sitting on the confluence of the St Lawrence and the St Charles Rivers.  It is the oldest French-speaking city in Northern America.

The oldest grocery store in North America is in Quebec; J. A. Moisan Epicier established it in 1871. This is where you can visit a Chocolate Museum, that should be at the top of any bucket list of things to do in the city, where eating is a pass time not a hunger pang moment.  You can repent whatever you like at the mother church of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Quebec in The Notre-Dame de Québec Cathedral or visit the Laval University, a UNESCO World Heritage Site to exercise the brain a bit.  There are 3 ski resorts within close proximity that cry out to be frolicked over by whatever means you like.  Your jaw will drop at the sights of towering fortresses and fairytale castles, whilst the old town is blanketed in centuries-old architecture and historic sites to explore.  As you meander around, street performers will make you laugh, cafes will call to you for a momentary stop for a caffeine injection and an open-air art gallery will have you wishing you could be an artist too.  You can walk the great wall that is almost 4.6km long and think of blowing up whoever or whatever with one of the cannons, or if you are the non-violent type window shop or break the bank when in the Quartier Petit Champlain.  Head to the St Lawrence River and Vieux-Port de Quebec to visit a market, bike one of the pathways, strut along the Promenade Samuel-De Champlain or laze back in a cafe. 

There is actually too much in Quebec to see or to do, so don't expect to get any work done whilst here.

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