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About Morelia

The capital of the central Mexican state of Michoacán, Morelia is a colonial city of skinny streets lined with 17th and 18th Century pink stone buildings. The most imposing of all is the baroque-style Morelia Cathedral with twin towers reaching for the sky and dominating the city's main square, Plaza de Armas. Sitting in the Guayangareo Valley, it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1991. This is definitely a town for the history buffs to get excited about and probably one that will have you exploring ad nauseam rather than putting your thinking cap on whilst sitting in a coworking space.

There are so many museums that you will be wetting your pants in anticipation, an historical city heart that retains its layout from when it was built in 1541 and plazas that will have your head spinning and your heart having palpitations from too much caffeine. You can take your pick of which amazing church or cathedral you wish to say a prayer in to ensure that your startup will become the flying unicorn you want.

Startup ecosystems are thriving in Mexico and its transition to an innovation economy may just turn out to be one of the world's biggest economies in the next decade, if the government maintains its support for entrepreneurship by continuing to develop new initiatives to boost its growth. Mexico is at the heart of Latin America's tech revolution and has been the entry point for many global tech companies such as Uber, Google and Facebook in Latin America. Mexico has a growing economy with widespread mobile coverage, low banking penetration and an underdeveloped lending system that is pushing Mexican fintech to success. About 40% of fintech startups in Mexico are involved in the niche markets of lending or remittances.

Coworking in Morelia is a way of life for its inventive locals and for the globe trotting entrepreneurs; it is one of the most affordable countries to set up shop in.