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6000 XOF /d
The Office, Ouagadougou

The Office


The Office offers a chic and stylish open co-working space with lockable storage facilities, as well as four private offi... More

5000 XOF /d
Sira Labs, Ouagadougou

Sira Labs


Sira Labs offers a creative coworking place in the heart of Ouagadougou's business center. Our fully equiped offices are ... More

5000 XOF /d
La Fabrique, Ouagadougou

La Fabrique


La Fabrique is a social business incubator. We offer a comfortable shared workspace to work from and LaFabrique is where ... More

60000 XOF /m
Contact Buro, Ouagadougou

Contact Buro


Contact Buro has been in the landscape for over 20 years and has been recognized as the best copy services down in Ouagad... More

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This is a calm space set in a villa with a garden. Very good internet for Burkina Faso standards, and a b... Show More
Sia K
The Office is the best co-working space in Ouagadougou. It is ideal for independent consultants, employee... Show More
Seán Smith

A landlocked country in West Africa, Burkina Faso is surrounded by 6 countries: Mali, Niger, Benin, Togo, Ghana and the Ivory Coast with a population of approximately 18.7 million. Once known as the Republic of Upper Volta, French is the official language.

In relation to Internet usage it comes in at 127th in the world, with a mere 3.7% of the population using it. There are no government restrictions on access to the Internet but it does monitor it. The Superior Council of Communication (SCC) issued a warning to a web site in 2012 when a user allegedly insulted President Compaore on an Internet forum - so much for their constitution of freedom of speech for this small nation in the armpit of Africa.

The country faces a plethora of problems similar to many others in Africa and its unstable government is only one of them, with high costs being another. Living standards in Burkina Faso are very low (think extreme poverty) with the majority of people living in villages throughout the country. The Internet connection (predominantly slow and unreliable) is often limited to the large cities where cyber cafes have sprung up to cope with the locals demand for the Internet. Another important factor is that the country has a literacy rate of about 29%, with many not even being able to write their own name.

Despite Internet access being a hot topic, for now the United Nations Human Rights Council is more concerned with basic human rights issues.

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