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A city in the southeast of Spain, Elche is the 3rd most populated city in the Valencian region with about 228,647 inhabitants. A part of Elche has its feet in the Mediterranean Sea, but the main city center is about 6.8km from its coastline. There is however a small creek called Vinalopo flowing through the city cutting it into 2 parts. Its neighboring town is Alicante and both cities are inundated during the summer months when tourist hordes descend. This city that has been trampled over by the Greeks, the Carthaginians, the Romans and the Moors is now home to coworking venues.

Elche is home to many archaeological remains, but the most important one would have to be the stone bust of the "Lady of Elche" dating from the Iberian period (4th Century BC) that now sits in the National Archaeological Museum of Spain leaving only a replica in the Archaeology and History of Elche Museum. The city is known for its old town and a vast palm grove named "Palmeral of Elche". If you are into shoes then you will love this city, as its main economy is based in the footwear industry with over 1,000 shoe factories.

With its wealth of history to explore, shoes ad nauseam for those with a bit of a fetish and brilliant tapas and wine bars, it is little wonder that the locals are hanging out on their own home turf getting creative in a coworking space rather than heading abroad.

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