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Russia is where the Trans-Siberian Railway crosses 8 time zones, going through 87 cities and towns - Kirov being one of the cities - crossing 16 rivers including the Volga making it the longest single railway in the world. Known as the "city of twins" for the high number of multiple births, Kirov is also home to one of the highest concentrations of red-haired people. If by some chance you are a redhead and tired of being stared at, you will be fine sauntering through the streets of Kirov.

Home to one of the oldest museums in Russia, Vyatka Museum of Art that was founded in 1910, Kirov sits in the land of superstitions; the first to enter a new home will die, so a cat is sent first - after all they have 9 lives to play with - if the cat won't go in, then the house is torn down and rebuilt somewhere else.

Formerly known as "Vyatka", Kirov is the heart of the Kirov Oblast sitting on the Vyatka River, west of the Ural Mountains. First mentioned in documents as early as 1374, it became known throughout Russia for its clay statuettes and whistles. The city's oldest monument that you can still see is the imposing structure with 5 globular domes, the Assumption Cathedral (1689). Kirov was named after the Soviet leader, Sergey Kirov and its name has remained the same since the dissolution of the Soviet Union. The cityscape is swamped in universities of one kind or another if you need a quick intellectual fix.

For those looking for some cultural inspiration there is the Kirov Regional Museum and the Kirov Regional Art Museum to meander around, as well as the Kirov Planetarium if you want to put your head in the heavens. One of the most historical cities in the whole of Russia there are 11 historical monuments to gawk at, 22 architectural sites to behold and 3 art monuments to feast your eyes on. You can trek through a taiga forest when the city gets too much, or amble around the Alexandrovsky Garden founded in 1825.

If you want to blend in like a local - females that is - have a shot of vodka and don the 6-inch stilettos before stepping out onto the cobbled laneways.

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