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Whenever I need a break from my campus activity and my cluttered desk, I'll recharge at Ruang Tengah. Ru... Show More
Franciscus Apriwan
this place is a very good place to work for also with very very fast wifi connection making everything th... Show More
Chandra Atmaja
This coworking space is my favorite location when I need an alternative space to get new ideas and expand... Show More
Iwan Pribadi
Ruang Tangah o Working is have place near center of city. quite place for work and have a good and cheap ... Show More
Topek Setiawan

Referred to as "Jogia", Yogyakarta is perched on Indonesia's Java Island and is known for its traditional arts and cultural heritage such as ballet, batik textiles, literature, poetry, music, wayang puppetry and silversmithing. It's a hub for Indonesian education and its streets are overflowing with students due to the large number of schools and universities within its midst that includes the country's largest and most prestigious institute, Gadiah Mada University. You will find around 422,732 inhabitants milling around the city with a total of 4,010,436 across all of its districts. Yogyakart is considered a "developed" city with one of the highest Human Development Indexes within Indonesia. With all of this brainpower sucking up noodles (think the traditional dish of Mie Djowo), it's no wonder coworking venues have opened their doors to give them somewhere to congregate in collaborative bliss.

It's said that Yogyakarta is the heart and soul of Indonesia with its artistic bent where the Javanese language is said to be the purest, where its traditions are on display everywhere and its art is the most colorful. Its walled city palace is still the hub of traditional life, despite being surrounded by a huge contemporary city littered with fast-food chains, shopping malls and towering buildings. The streets have amazing cafes to frequent, art galleries to linger in and archaeological sites to poke around such as Borobudur and Prambanan.

The startup scene in Indonesia is getting the backing of the international bank, Goldman Sachs, who believe that the next hotbed for tech companies will be in Indonesia due to its' large population and untapped market potential. No wonder coworking spaces are spreading like wildfire to keep up with the demand of creative spaces.

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