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About Manta

Sitting on Ecuador's central coastline, Manta is known for its tuna-fishing industry, not as a tech or startup hub. If you love eating fresh fish, this is definitely the town to hang your hat up for awhile, as the waterside fish market will supply you each day with fish that is still flapping. It is a buzzing and prosperous port city with plenty of high-rises dotting the skyline and beaches that draw domestic tourists with the mind-blowing quirky towering statue of a tuna to gawk at. Manta is an important transport hot spot with a vibrant nightlife scene. It is on the road to the famous handicraft town of Montecristi. Coworking spaces have begun to open up to cater to the locals over sitting in cafes stuffing their faces with fried tuna or for the intrepid wandering souls with laptops in their backpacks who find themselves in this land of fish.

Ecuador has actually produced some innovative successful startups despite its economic challenges and being geographically on the small side. Its capital city Quito is a world heritage site and over recent years it has become into a stable place to do business. Startups have relatively easy access to the US and many entrepreneurs come to Ecuador to take advantage of its dynamic workforce, trade agreements and cheaper materials. You will however need a helping hand to negotiate the tax, legal and government requirements to set up doing business here as it is a bit on the complicated side. In spite of this, Ecuador is experiencing an influx of creative companies from edtech to medical ventures. The more startup companies happening, the more coworking spaces are popping up to cater to the growing need for spaces to get stuff done, whether it be in the form of incubators or accelerators.

For those who wish to get involved with the tech community there are plenty of options available whether it is hanging out with the locals at your favorite coworking space or attending one of the many tech workshops or talks.