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About Frauenfeld

The starting point for a huge variety of skating, hiking and bicycle routes, Frauenfeld sits in the diverse westernmost part of Canton Thurgau. An attractive and lively small town that is dominated by an awesome old castle, Frauenfeld's vistas of panoramic proportions will have you gob smacked. The city was founded by the counts of Kyburg and the Castle Frauenfeld with its sky-reaching tower built in 1227 is indicative of its rich historical roots. A few kilometers outside of the city you will find a former monastery, Kartause Ittingen, which is now a national treasure. You won't have to worry about getting lost when you wander around the town, as it was laid out in a traditional rectangular format. The narrow streets of curiosities begging to be explored now have coworking spaces opening up to add to the eclectic vibe of the city.

Despite the official language being German, the locals all chatter away in the lingo of Alemannic Swiss German, so you may have to brush up on your hand language skills. This is where one of Switzerland's largest blues festivals is held annually plus the city is host to the Swiss Motocross Masters and the Swiss Derby. "Generations" that is an International Jazz Festival is held biannually in September and Europe's largest HipHop Festival, "Openair Frauenfeld" is held in July. There are 10 glorious buildings listed as Swiss heritage sites of national significance in the town, such as the Thurgau History Museum and the viewing tower sitting above the city, "Stahlibuckturm".

A city with so much going on throughout the year is now a coworking mecca for its locals and the festival following crowd who just have to check their emails or get some work done.