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About La Clusaz

If you are into the "Le Tour de France", the town of La Clusaz is often one of the small villages that you will pass through huffing and puffing whilst pushing those pedals of your bicycle. Sitting in the Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes region in the south-east of France, it's predominantly a ski resort perched near the Swiss border where you can get up to mischief during the summer and winter with its wealth of outdoor pursuits available. This old village is snuggled into the Aravis mountain range. When the road opened in 1902 connecting Annecy and the valley of Thones with the Aravis Valley, La Clusaz became the winter sporting hub it is today. Coworking appearing in its streets is a bonus for the adrenalin junkies who thrive on heart-stopping adventures.

Everything is changing in France at the moment with reforms aimed to help startups rather than hinder them, with efforts made to open both its economy and its borders to tech startups. Today it is far easier to hire and fire in France, which has lead to making labor costs far more predictable and France is now offering easy-to-access French Tech visas so that tech savvy souls can live and work in France. The French mentality is evolving and taking into account the whole world, not just its own country.

France is coming into its own in the tech industries race with government and big business supporting and creating a nurturing environment for its creative individuals. The opening of coworking venues is merely one more step in the ecosystem that may see France leading the European scene and if you happen to be in La Clusaz, you will have time to take those long deep breaths of mountain air before you think your brain is about to implode.