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The historical seat of Jefferson County, Louisville named after King Louis XVI of France, was founded in 1778. American actor Tom Cruise once scooped ice cream after school in Louisville and the famous boxer Muhammad Ali was born here. The author of "The Great Gatsby", F Scott Fitzgerald found inspiration for his novel whilst he was an Army Officer camped near Louisville and it is rumored that a half-man half-goat creature (aka the Pope Lick Monster) lives under a railroad trestle in East Louisville...mmm.

Louisville, sitting beside the Falls of Ohio, is one of the oldest cities west of the Appalachian Mountains. It is known for being the home of the Kentucky Derby, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Louisville Slugger baseball bats. It is also home to 3 of Kentucky's 6 Fortune 500 companies. The historic Old Louisville neighborhood is one of the largest Victorian neighborhoods in the United States and there are more pedestrian-only streets in Louisville than any other country. The urban forest, Jefferson Memorial Forest, is the largest municipal forest in the country and the Main Street of town has the second most cast-iron storefront facades, with New York City coming in first. Quirky but real, you can go zip lining underground in a 4 million square foot cavern beneath the Louisville Zoo. You should check out the Louisville Slugger Museum at the company's manufacturing plant where a 120 ft steel baseball bat leans against a building wall and also visit the Muhammad Ali Center even if you are not a boxing fan for its informative displays. The Cave Hill Cemetery is not just for grave gawking, as it is a botanical garden with over 280 labeled tree species to meander around. For those that like a bit of battle history, there is the Frazier History Museum where you can see Geronimo's bow and the colt pistols of General George Armstrong Custer.

When all else fails, head to Bourbons Bistro where you can wrap your taste buds around over 130 varieties of bourbon and it is listed as one of the "Whiskey Bars of the World".

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