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About Sao Jose

A city in Santa Catarina, Brazil, Sao Jose is about 5km from the tourist hub of Florianopolis. It's home to industries such as telecommunication equipment, textiles and food processing. Sao Jose's main district is comprised of the historic heart, the Barreiros and the Campinas, plus the rich district of Bosque das Mansoes (where the wealthy hang out). This is no city overwhelmed with tourist hordes, but a city with a healthy dose of homegrown entrepreneurs who like to gather in coworking venues in collaborative bliss.

Brazil is Latin America's largest entrepreneurial ecosystem with startups focusing on frontiers, other than their own home ground. The creative locals are competing on a global scale and expanding their companies quickly by exporting their business models to other regional markets around the world, despite their own home ground having a growing middle class with a healthy appetite for social and media consumption.

Brazilians are becoming known for bootstrapping early-stage companies, hence the need for more and more coworking spaces to dot the city streets.