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About Valdivia

Valdivia is a city located in the southern area of Chile sitting where the rivers Calle-Calle, Valdivia and Cau-Cau meet. Mainly a tourist town, it does derive its economy from wood pulp manufacturing, forestry, metallurgy and beer production as well. It has a population of 127,750 inhabitants and is home to the Austral University of Chile that was founded in 1954. Once the most fortified city in the New World, it was during the 2nd half of the 19th Century that it became the port of entry for German immigrants who wished to settle in the area. Known not just for its beer, as you can throw in its sausage making as well, Valdivia is where you can pop into a coworking space when you feel like it and partake of the city's incredible German heritage whenever the hunger pangs strike.

For the tech whisperer looking for somewhere to launch a startup, this is where your bank balance will go a lot further. Chile is a country that is making serious investments in technology and the creation of opportunities for tech startups to launch and grow. If you happen to be an investor or involved in the tech industry in anyway, you can get a long-stay visa for Chile within 15 days of applying. The country has a leading global accelerator program and is ranked first in Latin America for innovation. It is home to one of the top 5 fintech ecosystems and is ranked 5th in the world for tertiary enrolment which translates to a lot of brainpower in its streets.

Coworking in Valdivia will give you the chance to hang out with the locals, throw back a few beers after work and munch on some cold meats that will have you drooling in anticipation.