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Fuerteventura is one of those places that can touch your heart and the Hub is the perfect place to work f... Show More
Joaquin Garcia-Munoz
I really enjoy working at this co-working space called the Hub. It has a nice homely feel to it and all t... Show More
Josje Leijdekkers
I love working here. Seba, the manager is wonderful. There's a great balance between quiet and less quie... Show More
Giusy Fanelli
I'm a member from several months, I'm a digital product designer, and Hub Fuerteventura is amazing. It's ... Show More
Mario Maruffi

If you believe in legends, then the island of Fuerteventura and the whole of the Canary Islands, was a part of the lost civilization of Atlantis.  The perfect place for a bit of "twittering" (aka bird watching) as Fuerteventura, a declared Biosphere, is a protected area for birds.  Sitting in the Atlantic Ocean, it is the oldest island of the Canaries.  The soft sand beaches are listed in the Top 25 best beaches in Europe and it is a playground for an army of tourists.  Warm all year round, you can hide in secluded beach coves or rock hop around the clinging cliffs dropping into the ocean.  The surrounding blue water was made for surfing, windsurfing and waterskiing.

Many people let it all hang out when sunbathing here, unless you are near one of the resorts' beaches.  It is virtually impossible to take a photo of the endless gorgeous sand without some naked appendages popping up in the scenic shot.  The expansive golden sand dunes of Jandia, El Cotillo and Corralejo are for the shy nudist who wants to hide in the sandy hills.   You can satisfy your goat cheese hedonism by gorging on the local famous product, Majorero.  Puerto del Rosario was once named Puerto des Cabres (aka the Port of the Goats) and on Fuerteventura, goats rule.  Be brave and attempt some Curado, goats' cheese that is matured over 60 days or try some of the goat milk liqueur.  The island is awash in aloe vera plants so make like Cleopatra and smother it on your face.  Visit an Aloe Vera factory and come away with aloe vera products from shampoo to sun protection.  For the curious mind, visit the Salt Museum and check out the starling white salinas (salt basins) sitting beside it.

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