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Poznan, 43 Krolowej Jadwigi

PLN 1,000 / pp / month

Poznan, 55 Słowackiego

PLN 99 / pp / month

Poznan, 16 Grottgera

PLN 35 / pp / day

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About Poznan

With a rich history dating back to the 9th Century, Pozner is the fifth largest city in Poland.  You can actually train it from Paris, through Berlin and Warsaw, then on to Moscow.  This town is where the pubs don't close until the last person vacates the premises no matter what time, or I suppose they are too tired to stay open any longer.  The local Lech Brewery runs tours for those that can't live without this amber liquid and there are no public phone boxes to make that emergency call from. The biggest day of the year is on the 11th November when the celebration of St Martin's Day gets in full swing with a parade following morning mass and there are mountains of Kifli pastry, cakes and drinks to be gorged upon.

A city to be walked around, it is said to be as pretty as Tibingen and as cool as Berlin.  The stunning medieval heart of the city is in the Old Town where you will find the colorful Old Market.  Around noon every day there is a comedy routine between two mechanical goats at the town hall clock that every single tourist in town appears to flock to.  The myth behind this somewhat quirky happening apparently has something to do with burned roast venison and a feast, but no one seems to be able to impart the real story.  Row upon row of brightly painted medieval houses line the old town where there are comfy cafes, restaurants and numerous bars. 

You can catch a tram to Jezyce where street art reigns and a plethora of students lethargically recline in one of the many cafes, go to Kornik Castle and see if the ghost of the "White Lady" is real or take time out at Malta Lake.  It is a definite must to visit the smallest but finest restaurant in the whole of Poland, "Vine Bridge".  If by some chance you happen to be there in June, the Midsummer Night festival is when thousands of lanterns are released into the night sky, so there will be no need to go to Thailand for their Loi Krathong Festival to witness this spectacle. 

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