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Kingston, 1 Goodwill Avenue

JMD 4,500 / pp / day

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The capital of the island of Jamaica, sitting on the southeast coast, Kingston is where you will find the Bob Marley Museum in the reggae singer's former home. A city of 2 distinct halves; downtown is where you will be able to gawk at historic buildings, meander street markets and visit one of the Caribbean's greatest art museums whilst uptown is a different picture, as this is home to the best restaurants and hotels. Uptown and downtown rarely mix, but if you throw them together they create a chaotic whole that is well worth jumping into. Now that coworking venues have made an appearance on Kingston's streets, local innovators don't have to haunt cafes or put up with maybe a messy home environment when they want to put their work caps on.

Kingston is actually the largest predominantly English-speaking city south of the United States. It is squashed between the Blue Mountains and has the world's 7th largest natural harbor. It is the island's cultural and economic hub and has been named the "Creative City of Music" by UNESCO in 2015. Overwhelming with its hustle and bustle, it is a city rich in excitement with a coffee-growing region awash in waterfalls and trails hiding in its mountains.

Kingston has a maturing ecosystem where real entrepreneurs are being separated from the wannabe pack. It is touted as being the phase when the bold and the brave are rising from the shadows and coworking venues are providing the breeding ground for these intrepid souls where they can mingle and hang out in a collaborative space.