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Who needs Silicon Valley when you have Silicon Valleta? While Valleta is well known for being a Unesco World Heritage Site and perhaps the most concentrated historic area in the world, its economy is incredibly modern. Startups and foreign investors are flocking to Malta’s capital. This is because Valleta’s economy is both diverse and resilient. The city has strong tourism, finance, real estate, and electronic manufacturing. The online IT centers, pharmaceutical product companies, and online gaming sectors aren’t too shabby either. Of course, these wide ranging professionals all need a place to work. That’s where coworking spaces come in.

Valleta’s coworking spaces are typically upscale — just like the rest of the city. Memberships usually include beautiful rooftop views, excellent internet speeds, and a prestigious address. Regardless of where you work, however, just being in Valleta is beneficial. With an emerging startup scene and available capital, Valleta is one of Europe’s hottest innovators. Fortunately, the city’s actual weather is a bit cooler.

With a Mediterranean climate and a compact city center, Valleta is a pleasure to explore on foot. The entire peninsula is only a couple kilometers in length, making cars largely unnecessary. Once you’ve gotten into Valleta’s city center you’ll appreciate the noble architecture. A large array of shops, entertainment venues, and cultural attractions can be enjoyed as well.

The Grand Harbor may be the sweetest sight to be seen in Valleta, however. The view with sooth your mind regardless of how compulsive your thinking may be. Valleta is an international city with lots languages being spoken and career opportunities in many fields. The city is also safe. Valleta is a big winner for professionals as it checks the boxes for easy access to other important financial hubs, coworking spaces, a great climate, a dynamic economy, and being one of just a few countries in the EU to use English as a first language.