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The largest suburban city of Portland, Vancouver sits on the north bank of the Columbia River in Washington. It forms a part of the Portland-Vancouver metropolitan area with a population of about 161,791 souls running amok in its streets, slurping espresso in cafes or downing a beer or wine in one of its many funky bars on the way to a coworking venue to get some work done, if inspiration is lurking at the bottom of a glass. It's been named one of the best places in American to live.

A popular town for retirees, but less so for students and young adults, it has "border economics" with Portland meaning no individual or corporate income taxes and it levies a property tax that is below the national average. The Port of Vancouver USA runs its operations on the Columbia River and handles over 400 ocean-going vessels on an annual basis plus a number of barges that ply the river. The city began a massive revitalization plan in 1997 with many projects including the construction of a new Hilton Hotel, tall condominiums and new office spaces around Esther Short Park. There is a plethora of educational institutions dotted throughout the town creating a wealth of tech savvy youth.

Washington has a concentrated talent pool that has come about by giant firms like Boeing and Microsoft. Major players continue to sculpt Washington's tech scene that is conducive to communication, collaboration and coordination. With a mature ecosystem, the fledgling startups of the United States today need to dream bigger, get craftier and widen their imaginations to capture a new market space. Coworking venues are providing the space for collaboration for the souls who have the hope and the will to succeed, or simply providing the space to work for remote workers.