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About Asahikawa

Head straight to Furarito Alley for a noodle selection that would only appear in your dreams when in Asahikawa, as there are 18 local restaurants dishing up the best food in town that will have you salivating as you window browse. You can pig out on chicken skewers (aka yakitori) from one of the street vendors or check out the Ramen Village for its signature soy sauce based noodle soup, if you spent all your cash on funding that startup of your dreams. Asahikawa sits on the northern end of Japan's Hokkaido Island and is a veritable food lover's dream destination. With a population of around the 352,105, Asahikawa is a bustling city and the 2nd largest in Hokkaido. With a change in attitude by its tech savvy youth where failure is not the end of the world anymore, coworking venues have popped up to cater to their dream making ideas.

An influential city in relation to industry and commerce, Asahikawa has over 740 bridges crossing its 130 rivers and streams. Known as one of the coldest cities in the country, this is where you need to have your thermal undies handy if you plan to be there in the winter months when the Asahikawa Winter Festival is on.

Japan is joining the global movement in relation to entrepreneurship with an increasing number of its people leaving corporate jobs to either found their own startups or to join IT companies. Startups are no longer a "Plan B" approach, with many startups having the privilege of being able to stay private for a long time due to sizable rounds of funding generating growth; rather than having to go public too soon and coming unstuck in an attempt to please shareholders. Not all are chasing the government's incentive to achieve development on the moon, as many startups are getting into health care, agritech Internet of Things, enterprise software and artificial intelligence. Coworking venues are providing the support and the collaborative environment for its inventive youth whether they want to meet the man on the moon or not.