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About Moriyama

Moriyama sits in the Shiga Prefecture of Japan with an estimated population of 80,768 souls meandering its beautiful streets that come alive during its annual fire festival.  Home to the Katsube Shrine and the Moriyama Firefly Museum where thousands of fireflies are released every summer to light up the dark skies in fairytale apparitions, Moriyama was founded in 1970.  Shiga Prefecture is located east of Kyoto on the island of Honshu where you will find the mammoth freshwater Biwa Lake that the regional capital of Otsu plus other cities such as Hikone, Nagahama and Sakamoto are perched on.  This area overflows with holiday resorts, beaches and Mount Ibuki grandly stands in the northeast. Coworking venues have made an appearance in the city streets to cater to its tech-savvy souls that have been hyped up by the success of Internet gurus such as Mixi and Mercari.

Japan is changing its view on entrepreneurship, and its tech-savvy youth are not afraid of the stigma of failure any more, thanks to the media publicity surrounding startups.  Once being adventurous and going alone or with other tech-savvy souls was Plan B for many youths scared of not having a job, whereas today many are leaving their corporate positions to create their own companies or to join other startups.  Many successful founders are now investing in new companies, and young people are becoming more attracted to what the startup world can offer such as freedom in the way you work. Government incentives for startups are bolstering the scene, and there is plenty of private funding happening.  
Japanese startups tend to focus on the domestic market due which is actually the world's 3rd biggest market due to the language barrier.  Foreign competitors have trouble attempting to infiltrate the Japanese market, as it's relatively closed off to outsiders. Coworking venues are awash in local innovative tech gurus who collaborate and connect by the day and indulge in a little bit of sake at night.