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An industrial and mining city that was once cloaked in wooden houses, which were sadly demolished to make way for brick buildings, Skelleftea is referred to as the "Gold Town". Its largest employer is the mining company, Boliden AB. It is known as an ice hockey town with its main team playing in the Swedish top division. One of the youngest cities of Norrland, it was founded in 1845. This is no tech hub, but you will be able to find a coworking space to linger in and do some work rather than hanging out in a cafe with an annoying waitperson insisting that you buy more coffee.

The town is actually 621km from Sweden's leading tech city, Stockholm, where companies like Spotify, Mojang (Minecraft) and Skype hail from. Stockholm has the highest amount of Unicorn startups per capita in the world apart from Silicon Valley and is ranked amongst the top clusters for music technologies and game development in Europe. Sweden also has the highest smart-device penetration in Europe with every person owning 1.5 devices.

Being a programmer is the most common job in Stockholm where 18% of its workforce is in high-tech related jobs, so it stands to reason that some of these innovative souls may have got fed up with the big city and maybe crept away to a coworking space in Skelleftea.

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