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Lisa Huang
Very cute and well designed workspace, however Electrica only has 1month memberships for €130/seat, or ... Show More
Lisa Huang
Very good space and better coworkers. Too much passion and knowledge inside 150 sq meters!
Mystery Coworker
WeKCo it is a small coworking space, with 150 sq meters full of talent and coworking spirit. It is locate... Show More
Mystery Coworker

This is not the typical over run by tourists Spanish town, but is one wrapped in a green landscape surrounded by blue ocean. A busy port in a large gulf, A Coruna does come alive at night where local wine is scoffed generously in any one of the hundreds of bars in the Pescadería district.

Narrow streets of cobblestones will lead you to the promenade that follows the line of the sea where on sunny days many bodies are browning along the foreshore. Along this stretch you will find Playa del Orzan and the Domus Museum, or investigate the Casa del Hombre (aka House of Man) where anthropology meets natural history and science. If by some chance you are an early bird and get up with the sun, head to the harbor to watch the fishing boats disgorging their catch and the hectic chaotic fish auction that follows, where the gibberish chatter bears no resemblance to any language.

Of course there are the mandatory historical places to visit such as the Roman Tower of Hercules, at 2,000 years old, it is the oldest lighthouse in the world. If you want a fantastic view over the whole city, then take a deep breath and climb the 239 steps to the top. You can visit a castle or two and add in a fortress for good measure. Make sure you have time for the old city where you can munch down on some local traditional tapas and a good vino or two.

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