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I already had a very good feeling from the website and so decided to travel to Tadah. Upon entering the ... Show More
Bibi Gonin
Super Service und hochwertige Büromöbel. Habe das Büro nur 1 Woche genutzt, werde in der Zukunft aber ... Show More
Thomas Sulzer
We needed a fully equipped office for two weeks. Our team of 7 people was delighted with the location. Th... Show More
Daniel Christen
Super all inclusive Lösung! Ideal wenn man ein Büro benötigt, wo alles vorhanden ist, aber keinen lang... Show More
Florian Worn

Zürich is the innovative financial capital of Switzerland. Though Switzerland is perhaps best known for its delicious chocolates and policy of neutrality, Zürich has much more to offer than sweet treats and agreeability. To start with, take the city’s booming coworking scene. Zürich is home to nearly a dozen coworking spaces, and for good reason.

Zürich is one of the world’s most livable cities. The ancient city center remains intact, yet modernized. Old factories have been transformed into cultural centers and entertainment venues. Zürich is also livable due to its excellent infrastructure, along with having some of the highest disposable incomes and living standards in the world. These blessings are incredibly advantageous for conducting business as well. Perhaps that’s why 15 of the Fortune 500 companies call Switzerland home.

The finance sector, along with the city’s infrastructure and excellent education system appeals to startups. The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology is considered by many to be Europe’s best university. While they won’t work as cheaply as those in developing countries such as China or India, local talent is well worth hiring. Hiring highly skilled employees fluent in German, English, French, and/or Italian is a breeze.

Another benefit of growing your small business or startup in Zürich is the close proximity to major corporations. Meeting with CTOs requires merely a short tram ride across the city. Consider that Google’s largest R&D center outside the US is in Zürich. Zürich’s professional scene is also useful because it ensures you’ll never be far from potential advisors, investors, or customers. If you’re looking for a place with a generous tax regime, and excellent coworking spaces, Zürich can’t be beat.

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