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Bern, 28 Spitalgasse

CHF 125 / pp / month

Bern, Weltpoststrasse 5

CHF 550 / pp / month

Bern, Spitalgasse 24

CHF 550 / pp / month

Bern, 19 Sennweg

CHF 30 / pp / day

Bern, Speichergasse 4

CHF 15 / pp / day

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About Bern

A refined capital with the feel of an overlarge village, Bern offers many Swiss delights and tidy arcades to the wandering nomad. The central Old City is its most visited section, a UNESCO Heritage site with remarkably consistent architectural design and busy squares, shops, plazas, bars, and cafes.

On its eastern edge lies the the simply and appropriately named Bear Park, home to the city’s resident bears which have long served as its mascot. Head to the nearby Gurten hill for a serene overlook of the city and the distant alps. Though Bern could easily be mistaken as a quaint and growing outskirt town, in truth it is the economic center of a thriving country.

The swiss are of course known as economic leaders in a number of areas, and entrepreneurs stationed here are primed to reap the rewards.

The University of Bern is among the most prestigious in Switzerland and produces a continually growing workforce and customer base for digital forays. Bern is a great place to strike that work/life balance the Swiss have perfected. Produce and create and relish and relax, its considerable aesthetic charms provide a wonderful backdrop for work and play alike.