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The stuff that desert daydreams are made of, Siwa is awash in palms, olive trees and oozes a slow-paced oasis lifestyle of shady groves, mud-brick houses and winding dusty lanes trundled over by donkey carts or spluttering old motorbikes. An isolated Berber enclave only 50km from the Libyan border, it sits about 25mt below sea level. Its unique culture has been enhanced by its solitary location creating extraordinary crafts of silverwork, embroidery, pottery and basketry, as well as in the locals' manner of dress. The local Berber dialect dominates the streets; so don't expect anyone to rush out with a loud "hello" on your arrival after an arduous journey to get there. Imagine being able to get some work done at a coworking space and then heading out to the breast-like swelling sand dunes of a desert or hiding in the shade under a date palm tree. Now, you can actually do it.

Coworking is exploding in Egypt no matter where you are in this country where half its population are below the age of 30, tech savvy, inventive and hungry for work. It is one of the fastest growing countries for startups and entrepreneurs with the whole country experiencing strong growth in mobile and web-based industries, even if you are wallowing beside the desert with your head resting on a camel. This country is a breeding ground for entrepreneurs who have marketing skills and plenty of perseverance and patience.

Siwa may be isolated geographically and its society stand distinctly separate to the mainstream of Egyptian culture, but the fact that coworking has reached this oasis of delectable dreams and crystal clear springs, says differently.

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