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About Jefferson

A city in the county of the same name, Jefferson sits where the Rock and the Crawfish Rivers meet, which is the furthest point a steamboat could navigate. Originally settled by people from New England who headed into the wilds of the Northwest Territory during the early 1800s, Jefferson is a quaint Wisconsin community with a population of 7,973 people meandering its streets, chatting to neighbors or hanging out in coworking venues getting stuff done. Cloaked in vintage buildings and steepled churches, pretty rivers flow through the city making the banks a focal point for its residents and visitors. Quite a few of its residents have run from the big city smoke to soak up the small town vibe.

Wisconsin has gained some national media recognition as a startup tech hub and the place to be if you are chasing a tech job over the coming years. The region offers low-cost living plus talent pools fed by nearby colleges and infrastructure. Jefferson may not be the highest on the list of possible future tech hubs such as Madison, Utah and Nashville to name a few, but it's a part of the melting pot creating ecosystems that shouldn't be ignored by startups that can't afford Silicon Valley. In 2016 the region saw an increase of 145% in venture capital funding for startups, which is indicative of a growing trend. Universities are laying a large role in the strong startup culture happening with plenty of mentors and programs available to encourage entrepreneurship.

Coworking venues opening in Jefferson are giving its innovative residents the space to gather en masse, to collaborate with likeminded souls and to bring their ideas into the realms of possibility.