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Roseville, 3017 Douglas Boulevard


Roseville, 2355 Highway 36 West

$319 / pp / month

Roseville, 915 Highland Pointe Drive


Roseville, 3017 Douglas Boulevard

$299 / pp / month

Roseville, 2999 Douglas Boulevard

$49 / pp / month

Roseville, 140 Diamond Creek Place

$50 / pp / day

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About Roseville

Originally a stagecoach station named Griders, Roseville became a railroad town and today the city has grown from its small-town beginnings into a major urban space. Coworking spaces opening up complete the picture, as the revitalized historic Vernon Street and the old downtown areas have been given a total makeover.

Ranked in the top 35 best cities in the US to live in (in the top 10 for families), Roseville has a growing economy, a low crime rate, high quality public education, excellent housing affordability and good access to healthcare. There are several streams running through the city, which are a haven during the hot summer months. The perfect place as the locals will attest to, in which to live and balance a work life with playtime, Roseville has its fair share of innovative locals, as does the rest of Southern California.

Despite Southern California being spread-out, it is a region of extreme innovation with plenty of exciting startups from top universities, research institutes and incubators/accelerators. Escaping the big city mentality and staying put in their own slice of heaven, the locals are forming tight-knit dynamic communities at coworking spaces and using organized events to share experiences, to gain mentorship plus access to venture capital.

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