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Reeking of its historical legacy in the arts, Vienna has been ranked as the number one city in the world to live in. Stable and safe with a low crime level, historical buildings from the Middle Ages to the Baroque era and coffee to rave about, Vienna can name among its past inhabitants Mozart, Strauss, Brahms, Beethoven and Sigmund Freud. For those that love to fossick, it is home to one of "The" grandest flea markets in the whole of Europe, "The Flohmarkt".

The town's claim to fame is the invention of filtering coffee in the year of 1683. To sup on this miracle of two shots of espresso overdosed on whipped cream is to taste the nectar of the caffeine gods. Vienna is a UNESCO World Heritage Site where you can don your best glitzy ball gown and attend one of the 450 yearly carnival balls, ice skate in the winter at the City Hall Square, or visit the world's oldest zoo for a bit of animal action.

You can also ride on the oldest Ferris wheel, the Riesenrad constructed in 1897, or drool over the world's largest emerald at the Imperial Treasury.The city pumps with the hormones of the intellectuals, having over 150,000 public university students within its city limits. Open minded and totally liberal, the city is vibrant and colorful.

With vineyards in the heart of the city, wine is liberally served as a spritzer throughout its abundant taverns hidden in quiet little corners of this grand and elegant city that will call out to your tramping feet.

Coworking in Vienna About Vienna

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One of the most romantic and grand cities in the world, Vienna is a highly sought-after place to live. Vienna boasts a high per capita income due to its booming economy, and we have options for coworking space in Wien that will be ideal for you. Home to some of the biggest music legends in the world, the rich cultural heritage steeped in Vienna draws all kinds of businesses from all over the world. Coworking in Wien has never been more accessible, so peruse our listings and discover just how incredible setting up your coworking space in Wien can be.

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One of the reasons that Coworker is leading the alternative workspace revolution is our commitment to offering various amenities and services that companies can tailor to their needs. Not only will you save costs on overhead, you will also save by not paying for services that you do not use. When you book a Vienna coworking space, you can pick and choose amongst the various services and amenities, including but not limited to: printing, reception, WiFi, meeting room and conference space, choice of furniture, etc. Start coworking in Wien sooner rather than later by booking a shared office space in Wien today.

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If living and working in the same city as Mozart and Beethoven sounds exciting to you, Coworker can make that happen. We have offices in over 170 countries around the globe, and to date we have helped 6 million people and counting. Each Vienna coworking space has been vetted and validated by a Coworker team member, ensuring every office meets our high standards. See why more and more people are coworking in Vienna, and imagine your life in this dazzling city.